Amazing Proof that God Loves You from A to Z

Proof God Loves You

God loves you, no matter what you have done…

Do you ask yourself, “How can God love me?”, or “Is there any proof God loves me?”.  Anyone in a relationship with Christ knows we can’t earn His love and we definitely don’t deserve it.  We know all the bad things we do on a daily basis.  We will never be worthy; however, God loves us anyway.

God loves you, is a phrase we hear all the time.  However, many find it difficult to accept His love.  We compare the love we receive on earth from others to the way we think God loves us.  Because of our earthly faulted relationships, we think we must DO something good to earn God’s love.  Some of us didn’t grow up with a loving and caring family.  Many of us are divorced now and are haunted by the fact that our spouse vowed till death do us part yet choose to walk away.

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God’s love is very different.  God doesn’t need us, but he wants us.  He wants a relationship with us no matter what we have done and no matter how many times we turn away from Him.  We aren’t loved by God because of what we do or how we act, but because of WHO God IS!

Proof that God Loves You from A to Z

God is love and His character shows us daily. These are 26 ways God proves how much he loves you!  He created you to love you and to enjoy a relationship with you.

God loves you, so He ADOPTED you!

Some of us were raised by our biological parents and others were adopted into another family. It is easier for a parent to love their biological child as they see their physical features and personality which creates a bond.  Adoption is beautiful. It is a representation of loving someone openly no matter where they come from.  You are a child of God!   [Ephesians 1:5]

God loves you, so He gives you BLESSINGS!

A blessing is defined as “being in God’s favor”. . Many people get mad at God because of the things that happened to them.  Although, there is a real enemy out to cause you harm.  All good and perfect things come from God. [James 1:17]

God loves you, so He is COMPASSIONATE

The meaning of compassion is to recognize the suffering of others, and then take action to help. How many times have you found yourself stuck in a situation that was just too big for you to deal with alone? God can move mountains for you, he will defend you when you can’t defend yourself.   [Proverbs 31:8-9]

God loves you, so He gives you the DESIRES of your heart!

You were created with specific wants and desires planted in your heart and personality.  He wants to give you the things you want in this life.  He loves to see His children happy! [Psalm 37:4]

God loves you, so He gives you ETERNITY!

God gives hope by describing an amazing place after death; there will be no tears and no pain. I can’t wait to get there!  We will live forever in the spirit. Try to stop what you are doing and picture yourself living forever, never to die in spirit…EVER!  Is it difficult to wrap your brain around? I always hit a wall but it brings me perspective when I try to imagine eternity. I realize the time on earth is very short, in comparison to eternity. When you are going through a difficult time, think about how short-lived the pain is on earth is in comparison to eternity with God in heaven. [Revelation 21:4]

God loves you, so He FORGIVES you!

Forgiving someone that hurt you is difficult and sometimes seems impossible. Sometimes I don’t want to forgive because I want justice for their wrongdoing to me. It is good to remember that we all sin and mistreat others. God not only forgives us but he FORGETS and remembers no more.  WOW! [Hebrews 8:12]

God loves you, so he gives the gift of GRACE!

Grace is receiving a reward for something you didn’t earn or deserve. It is a gift! When God sent His only son to the cross to die, he covered all past, present and future sin! Before you were born Jesus paid the price for your sin! We are clean, salvation is a gift!  Grace is an action God shows when we do something wrong. He doesn’t hold it over our head or keep track of our mistakes.  [Ephesians 2:8]

God loves you, so He provides HEALING!

God doesn’t want to see his children in pain. He does want to reveal His power through healing; whether that is emotionally or physically. I am blessed with the experience of being supernaturally healed from cancer. God can heal in many different ways! Just like He healed so many in the Bible, He is still healing today. [Psalm 103: 2-3]

God loves you, so He created you in His own IMAGE!

Man was created from dust, but God breathed life into Adam’s lungs.  We were created out of his likeness so that we could resemble God in ways for others. [Genesis 1:27]

God loves you, so He gives you JUSTICE!

Have you been hurt so badly that you dream of getting revenge? It is written that vengeance is God’s. God will make any wrongdoings to you right. He hates sin and never wants to see his children hurt. God says, “I will repay.”  In fact, God will give you back 10 Fold, in abundance, of what you lost. [Romans 12:19]

God loves you, so He shows KINDNESS!

He treats everyone equally and doesn’t show favoritism.  He is always compassionate.  He is there for you whenever you need Him. [Titus 3:4-6]

God loves you, so He LISTENS!

Hearing is different than listening.  He hears your cries but listens intently and responds.  He listens to your prayers when you cry out to him; He will be there for you. [Jeremiah 29:12 – 13]

God loves you, so He does MIRACLES in your life!

He is still doing miracles today! Miracles aren’t isolated to the past stories we read about in the Bible.  A miracle doesn’t have to be this huge, life-changing event. Pay attention to the little things that you can’t explain how or why they happened.  Maybe your day is filled with little miracles but you aren’t paying attention.  [Matthew 19:21]

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God loves you, so He stays NEAR you!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t feel God’s presence.  Even though we may not  feel Him near us, He is always with us. Just call on Him and He is there.  [Psalms 145:18]

God loves you and is OMNIPRESENT and is always available!

Omnipresence means that there is no place to which God’s knowledge and power do not extend.  He is everywhere at the same time. This is too difficult for our pea-sized brains to comprehend; but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  His divine presence encompasses the whole of the universe. [Proverbs 15:3]

God loves you, so He has PLANS for you!

The devil has plans for you; to seek, kill, and destroy.  Thank goodness that God has plans for you too.  He came so that you can have joy, peace, and eternal life.  To gain perspective, we need to look beyond our daily life’s problems, and dream about how wonderful eternity will be with no pain or sorrow.  He has plans to prosper you, not harm you. [Jeremiah 29:11]

God loves you, so He gives you QUIET TIME!

After a long week of tight deadlines at work and the stress of running a home; it can be impossible to go to sleep.  That is why the sleeping pill was invented.  It seems in this fast-paced world, it is difficult to find peace.  High stress equals no rest.  God is the only place we can find rest in our spirit while the world is spinning out of control around us. [Matthew 11:28]

God loves you, so He REDEEMS you!

God is called the Redeemer.  It is because the redemption or the act of Him saving us from sin. He basically “bought us back” and saved us from sin when he sent His only son to die on the cross.  You are free! [Lamentations 3:58]

God loves you, so He SACRIFICED for you!

There is no greater sacrifice than when God sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross.  He was sent to earth to live the perfect life and to be the ultimate sacrifice.  This is truly an action that proves God loves you. [John 3:16]

God loves you, so He gave you special TALENTS!

Each of us have special talents and spiritual gifts.  They help us live out our purpose and for our personal enjoyment.  It is great to live in our sweet spot by using the gifts gave us. It brings joy and happiness to us and others. [Ephesians 2:10]

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God loves you, he is UNCHANGEABLE!

How many times have you had a friend say they will do something and then they don’t?  Do you have friend that is inconsistent and moody? There is nothing more comfortable than walking on eggshells around someone close to you, LOL! God is consistent!  He is unchangeable!  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  He will always respond in the same way and he will live out His promises. [Malachi 3:6]

God loves you, VICTORY is yours!

As a Christian in a relationship with Christ, you can overcome anything. It is because who God is that we can live in victory in our troubled lives. [1 John 5:4]

God loves you, so he gives you WISDOM!

My grandmother was very book smart but lacked common sense.  One day she called asking for this newly marketed shampoo that guaranteed to produce hair curly without the use of rollers or a curling iron. Wisdom is stronger than common sense.  If you lack common sense like my grandmother, then you are still in luck. If you lack clarity in a situation, ask God for wisdom.  God can give you answers and direction through the spirit while reading the Word. [Proverbs 2:6]

God loves you, so He is X-TREMELY GRACIOUS!

Okay, I cheated on this one a little bit.  It is difficult to find a descriptor that starts with the letter x.  God is extremely gracious and forgiving. No matter how many times you ignore his instructions, or turn away, He will always welcome you back with open arms. Pure loving-kindness with no guilt attached. [2 Kings 13:23]

God loves you, so He YEARNS for you.

He truly wants to have a relationship with you. He cares about all the little things that you care about.  Did you know that praying is just talking to God?  You don’t have to speak elegantly to Him…just talk.  He already knows what you are thinking about and what you are going to say anyway.  Lean into Him…He is waiting for you. [James 4:5]

God loves you, so He is ZEALOUS!

He gets excited about you each and every day.  He is devoted to protect you, love you, and always be there for you.  Nothing is more important than you are to Him.  He waits to hear from you!  [2 Peter 3:9]

Will you Accept God’s Love?

God is wonderful isn’t he?  If you haven’t accepted His love, then do so now.  All you need to say is, “Thank you God for loving me.  Even though I don’t deserve this kind of unconditional affection; I accept it.  Please continue to teach me more about your love.”

Living All In…GOD’S LOVE,


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