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This book contains more than 660 simple & practical ideas to grow your marriage:

130 Words of Affirmation Your Husband Wants to Hear
130 Words of Affirmation Your Wife Wants to Hear
42 Perfect Love Notes for Your Husband
44 Fun Quality Time Activities
76 Healthy Conversation Topics
90 Unique Gift Ideas
110 Acts of Service
41 Non-Sexual Physical Touch Ideas


Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, is amazing for married couples.

It outlines the different ways people can feel loved. The fuller the love tank, the more satisfied and dedicated to the marriage the spouse becomes. When the love tank is empty, it can cause a spouse to feel alone in the marriage and withdraw.

The difficult part after understanding your spouse's primary and secondary love language is figuring out how to fill their love tank when their love language isn't the same as yours. Because it won't come naturally to you and you will have to work at it.

I know all about this because my husband didn't get his love tank filled for years and our relationship suffered. It was on the verge of divorce. So I went on a quest to find all the best dating ideas that I could possibly find and put together a Date Your Spouse guide that would help those that wanted to put "The 5 Love Languages" into practice.

Is the daily grind sucking the fun out of your marriage too? Well, those day-to-day responsibilities can strain a marriage by causing couples to focus more on paying bills and being the Uber driver for the kids than loving and having fun with each other. With the ideas in Date Your Spouse, you can easily implement practical tips in the busiest of schedules. So get started and learn the best way to fill your spouse's love tank and start enjoying your time with each other.

Date Your spouse

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The Five Love Languages

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  • Word of Affirmation

    Your love language is words? You should never stop dating your spouse or flirting with your husband! Learn how to express yourself with these phrases.

    – 130 Words of Affirmation for the Husband
    – 130 Words of Affirmation for the Wife
    – 42 Perfect Love Notes for Your Husband

  • Quality Time

    Your love language is Time? Learn how to give your spouse your undivided attention in order to strengthen the marriage.

    – 44 Fun Activities
    – 76 Healthy Conversation Topics

  • Receiving Gifts

    Your love language is gifts? Learn how to give something to your spouse that says you’re special and I am thinking of you.

    -90 Unique Gift Ideas

  • Acts of Service

    Your love language is service? Learn what to do for your spouse that they don’t expect and would like for you to do.

    – 110 Ideas for Acts of Service

  • Physical Touch

    Your love language is touch? Learn the best way to reach out to your spouse with a tender touch to create emotional closeness.

    – 41 Non-Sexual Physical Touch Ideas

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