When You Feel Hopeless, Gain Peace by Letting God Plant Seeds of Hope in Your Life

God Plant Seeds

Let God Plant Seeds that He will Nurture & Harvest

Have you ever felt hopeless? There is one cure for hopelessness. It is letting God plant seeds of hope in our hearts. I learned a lesson about 8 years ago that changed my life. For many years Satan manipulated my thoughts, and I had a lot of negativity consuming my mind. Lucky for me, after a tragic time in my life, I let God plant seeds of hope into my heart. Once this happened, the blinders were off and I started to see the truth about the world around me.

My father said many times growing up, “This is a spiritual war, not a physical war.” I didn’t understand the meaning of this phrase until I started getting older and experiencing personal struggles of my own.

Living My Own Spiritual War

When I was nine years old, I became a Christian and attended church since I was a very young girl. After graduating from high school, I went off to college I didn’t want to play by God’s rules anymore. I wanted to be free of my parents control and their strict discipline. I thought I knew what was best for my future; and more than God did. So I stopped going to church and headed down the crowded popularity path. I figured who knew how to make better decisions for my life than me; I wanted total control! However, the more control I took over my life, the messier it became.

From Hopeless to Hopeful when You Let God Plant Seeds into Your Life

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One day, God didn’t allow me to make my own decisions for my life and stopped me right in my tracks. At the age of 39 years old, I lost my job, my condo, and had to move 1200 miles away from my friends of 10 years in Denver, CO. Starting over at this age was terrifying.

At the time I was completely dedicated to the company I worked for and after years of being a workaholic, I lost myself in my career. I dedicated almost every waking moment to furthering myself. I would sacrifice my time, personal relationships, church, and hobbies by working 75 – 80 hour weeks. This type of unbalanced commitment led me down a road of feeling defined by my job. My job title was my identity in life. Yet now I didn’t have the title so I was lost. Nothing around me is the same. More importantly, I am not the same. I went from confident, successful, and driven to questioning everything about myself, my future, and my happiness.

The reason why I lost everything is because I made decisions for my life that were based on my wants and not God’s will for my life. I had a lot of negative/toxic thoughts that prevented me from making healthy decisions and allowing God to work in my life.

Your Real Enemy Plants Weeds and Destruction in Your Life

I struggled to start over I learned more about myself and who my real enemy is in life.

Every day we fall under Satan’s attacks; the attack of fear, feeling inadequate, carrying the weight of our guilt, trying to deal with heartache, and honestly just trying to survive during hard times. Satan knows all our weaknesses and he always uses those against us. He knows when and how to attack; just like a lion on the hunt. A lion slowly approaches their prey and stalks them until they see the perfect moment to pounce. A lion often drags their prey instead of going for the quick kill. Many times they drag their prey over considerable distances to a sheltered spot before eating it. Satan will do the same thing to you. He will bring one problem on top of another to mentally and physically torture you.

During this life changing battle; I noticed negative thoughts running my life. I feared going broke so I worked like a dog trying to get my money security blanket. However, there is no security blanket except a relationship with Christ. I needed a mindset change and I am blessed that God planted many seeds of hope during this hopeless year. He showed me the difference in how I was living my life and how I need to think differently.

You can fight Satan and his mind games by knowing the truth. Satan destroys our hope and joy by twisting the truth of God’s promises and his character. Where do his attacks do the most damage? It is in our minds. When God plants seeds of hope in your thoughts, they will grow and take over any toxic thoughts that are preventing you from living a happy life.

The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name.
~Sylvia Browne

Let God Plant the Seed of His Truth

Think about the incredible power of a sprouting seed. It is amazing how one tiny seed can produce a pine tree that stands 40 – 60 feet high. A seed can also grow a plant that can produce more than a pound of vegetables per week and end up feeding multiple families.

Seeds deliver special gifts and blessings!

When the seed of truth is planted in you, your blessings will multiply. What is the complete opposite of a beautiful blooming plant, well it is an annoying weed. Weeds in the garden are disruption of beauty and productivity. They grow and only take up space in a garden and basically strangle beautiful flowers underneath the ground. Just like the flowers, weeds drag down our joyful spirit, hope, and prevent us from having that special relationship with God that you are meant to have. What do weeds harvest in your life? Absolutely nothing!

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Even though we are strong, many times we aren’t mentally strong enough to stop the negative habits or thoughts without help. The problems that we feel are too big to handle can be fought by God. He has the power to plant the seed of truth into our life that grows healing, love, hope, and peace. When we believe his word as the truth, we are transformed for the better and so is our life. He has the answers and the power to create a stronger spirit in ourselves and to deliver us from mindset bondage and emotional chains.

3 Reasons You Should Dig Up the Weeds in Your Life

There are three main reasons why you should let God plant seeds and also dig up the weeds or lies that steal your and leave you in misery.

Reason #1
Weeds cause you to compromise.
Seeds keep you committed.

Do you find yourself changing your behaviors around different types of people? Do you have one drink too many at happy hour because you don’t want the group to give you a hard time? Have you allowed yourself to get involved with a behavior that is completely against your values? Weeds cause us to doubt ourselves and create insecurity. This causes us to compromise our standards and beliefs to try and fit in and avoid rejection in the world.

Seeds create clarity to the right priorities in life and your purpose. With a clear purpose, you won’t care what others say to criticize you because you have a life vision. You will know where, how and why you are headed down a specific path. Your goal will be more important than pleasing others and worrying about their opinion. Seeds help you to commit to your values and belief system.

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God Plants Seed: Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37: 5(NKJV

Reason #2
Weeds hold your thoughts hostage.
Seeds restore peace and clear solutions.

Negativity can own your thoughts which cause you to focus on your problems. You feel trapped and that you can’t get away from the pain. Fear, guilt, and heartache can weigh heavy on your heart. The pain you carry around is only a constant reminder of the past and current problems in your life. Maybe you haven’t gotten over a divorce, you lost your job, or you are struggling with an addiction. If you rely on weeds (your own thoughts) to provide you the answers then you become a prisoner in your own mind and feeling trapped with no hope or solution. I can’t explain in words the anxiety I had over my job and the amount of time it took from my personal life but I was a slave to the paycheck.

Seeds reveal God’s truth which restores clear thoughts and solutions. The truth allows your mind to process problems, stay calm, and allow God to guide you through decisions. Even though you may be dealing with a difficult challenge, you are not consumed by the pain because you live with a hopeful future. When I finally accepted that God is my provider and in control of my situation, I was able to not think about work 24/7. I was able to spend more time on the beach and enjoying the biggest challenge of my life.

God’s Seed: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJ)

Reason #3
Weeds trick you to believe that nothing is possible.
Seeds teach you that everything is imaginable.

In many ways, we hold ourselves back from getting the things we want in life. How do we do this? We sabotage our future with our thoughts and the way we respond to life’s difficulties. Have you ever thought; “She can do it but I can’t. She has the money to start a business, I don’t. She can get away with that but I need to be thinner to wear that dress.” Too many weeds trick us into believing that we aren’t adequate and that certain things aren’t possible so why even try. We are blinded by our own negative beliefs and we give up hope.

Seeds plant hope that everything is imaginable and that wonderful things are possible to achieve. Seeds help you dream big. They can give you the confidence and a belief in yourself so you take the steps needed to achieve your dreams.

When positive thoughts are flowing, your body wants to provide you the energy needed to do the things that make you happy. Whatever you are thinking throughout the day your body will respond. When you are sad or overwhelmed with your problems, your body feels sluggish and doesn’t want to do anything. Your body will fall in line with your thoughts just like baby ducklings follow in line behind their mother.

God is bigger than anything Satan can throw at you and as a believer, God has made many promises to protect you and to never forsake you. For every big area that Satan tries to twist for his gain, God has ammunition stronger and powerful than him.

God PLants Seed: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phillipians 4:13)

Just a Little Faith is All You Need

You may still not believe everything you just read. But I am living proof that God can turn a life around and deliver amazing blessings in a hopeless situation. God’s seed is his truth and promises that you can find in his Word. When you know is Word, you know the truth and then Satan loses all his power!

“Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. (Matthew 17:20)

If you are having a difficult time with toxic thoughts like I have and still do, then maybe a more structured program works best for you. I have taken this course and it gives activities that help you re-train your brain and it can truly deliver amazing results. Check out 21 Day Brain Detox.

Living All In…HOPE,


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Cheryl is a blogger and online trainer that her closest girlfriends describe as the "strongest woman I know". She has experienced big losses in life and learned that being a perfectionist is exhausting and a joy killer. She wants to help other Christian women to learn from her mistakes by trusting God and staying determined to believe in limitless possibilities in life & career!