Your Life’s Purpose can be Unveiled during Life’s Hardest Times and Extreme Conditions

Life's Purpose

Finding Life’s Purpose

Life’s Pressure Creates Brilliance

Like most women, I love diamonds. Women love the bling-bling on our hands and some believe the size of the diamond reflects the number of years a woman has endured marriage. I have a friend that continues to trade up the longer she is married. I think she is working on a four carat now.

The diamond on a woman’s hand isn’t a natural diamond women show off to their friends after getting engaged. You see natural diamonds are the result of carbon exposed to tremendous heat and pressure deep in the earth. This process can result in a variety of external characteristics called ‘blemishes’. A valuable diamond only gets its brilliance and sparkle from the proper cut of the stone based on the original characteristics of the rough stone.

After the stone is properly cut, the diamond’s value is determined on certain characteristics. No diamond is perfect, yet the closer it comes to perfection, the higher its value.

Finding Life’s Purpose During Hard Times

So why in the world am I giving you a lesson on cutting diamonds? I believe the process that a natural diamond goes through to determine its value is similar to what we go through in our life trying to find our life purpose during hard times.

Diamonds are created from carbon being exposed to extreme conditions of heat and pressure. The way we grow and develop a happy life is similar. We get molded in our life by our childhood development, relationships, work accomplishments, and hardships. The rough stone doesn’t have any worth until it is cut, and only then will it shine and sparkle in the light gaining attention for many to admire.

Extreme Conditions Help You Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Life PressureAs you go through your life; you are exposed to extreme pressure and impossible situations. Maybe you got pregnant as a teen and you gave up the baby and have suffered from guilt all these years. Some give into drugs through peer pressure and fine themselves trying to break an addiction. Were you were raised by bouncing from one foster home to another and never feeling loved by a family? Maybe you keep getting your heart broken time and time again. Every life event, good or bad, will cut and mold you into the person you are today. The things we do today will determine where we will be tomorrow.

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The hardest thing for me to except is that I do not become a better person and I don’t have a life purpose without going through hardships. During these impossible times is when I develop the skills to help others and fulfill my life purpose.

During these hardships I would love to sit around throwing a pity party and sometimes I do; but if I decide to do nothing, then I can’t expect to wake up tomorrow closer to the things I want in life. The path you choose and actions you take will mold your personality not the problem itself. When you decide to learn and grow from hard times is when you begin to shine and understand your worth in life.

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Finding Your Brilliant Qualities

It is hard for many of us to find our exceptional characteristics because we devalue ourselves and our talents. We believe that we don’t have anything special to share and in comparison to others. Unfortunately, the events of our past that cut and mold our lives can create a personal negative perception. When we believe we have nothing to share or offer, then we don’t move forward to develop our skills that create a better, happier life.

Being happy is a choice to make not a feeling even among the problems you endure in life. Even though things aren’t going your way; you haven’t gotten a raise in three years, you are still driving a piece of junk, your business isn’t growing and you fear bankruptcy, or you are just down right depressed.

Happiness in life is easier when you have a purpose in life and you don’t allow your emotions to make your decisions for you. You have a purpose in life and that is to help others that need your help or need to hear your message. You have a purpose in life and that is to like yourself and recognize the talents you have to offer.

Reasons to Search for Your Life’s Purpose

Since I do not believe you only have one purpose in life; I want to bust a few myths with you so you will be bold and take on your purpose.

Myth #1: You will be happy when you learn your one big purpose in life.

Reality: Everyone has more than one purpose in life. You have a multi-purpose on this earth. When you are younger, your purpose may be to help a friend through a drug addiction while in your 30’s your purpose is to love and raise your kids’. You may remain single and felt led to volunteer at orphanages because you were raised in the foster care system. You may be in a position where your current purpose is to get healing or get over some hurt from your past so you can be helpful to someone in the future.

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Myth #2: Your purpose is big and should change your world.

Reality: This isn’t a typical myth for most but it applied to me. Some people think their purpose has to impact and change the entire world. You aren’t trying to find your purpose to change THE world you want to change YOUR world. Once your world becomes a better place, you can positively impact other’s lives and add more value.

Myth #3: I am too old and it’s too late for me to figure out my purpose.

Reality: That is nonsense! It is never too late. If you are alive and kickin’ then you are here for a reason and you have lives to impact not to mention your own. God doesn’t look at age and doesn’t only use the younger crowd. In fact, for us to help others, we have to have experiences to help us grow and mature. A 21 year old will not have the wisdom of a 47 year old. Wisdom has a lot of power as well as the strength to overcome tragic events in life.

Myth #4: I haven’t found my purpose by now so I will never find it.

Reality: Again, you are talking like a crazy person! We can have distractions in life that prevent us from finding our purpose. Since there are multi-purposes for your life, maybe you just haven’t reached the right time yet. For example, I was very independent and I didn’t date a lot of different guys. I was more focused on my career. Since I never got close to getting married (after my 1st divorce) at 30, I started to adopt the thought that I would never get married.

Guess what? At 39 1/2, I met my husband; we were engaged within 3 months and married when I was 40. Now I have a purpose to be a good wife and mother to his kids. You will find your purpose at the right time and you can’t rush it! Heck, you may even be surprised about your purpose like I was. I am still trying to figure out the steps to being a good wife and mother but God says I am a work in process so as long as he keeps working on me, I should be okay.

Myth #5: Once you have clarity about your purpose, everything else in life will get easier and your will finally be happy with your life.

Reality: Discovering your life’s purpose doesn’t make all your challenges or problems go away. Life will still happen. Even though you have clarity of your purpose, you still have to take the action and possibly change behaviors to fulfill your purpose. Be aware that your purpose doesn’t mean it will come naturally and that it should be easy. Don’t believe the voice that says, “If it is too hard and takes too much work then that isn’t my purpose and I should keep looking.” Many times the purpose we must fulfill in life isn’t easy and would be harder to work through than to not try.


Not believing these myths is a huge step in the right direction. When you believe these lies, they stop you in your tracks and prevent you from taking even a penguin step towards a brighter future. You need to make the choice to believe finding your purpose is possible.

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