How to Create Confidence and Never Feel Insecure Again

create confidence

Confidence Killer: The Pressure for Acceptance Can you remember a time when you craved acceptance by someone? Think about this person and what their acceptance means to you. Will this person help move your career forward? Is this person a perfect match for you? Are you married and feel responsible for your spouse’s personal happiness?…

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Overcome Fear by Controlling Toxic Thoughts that Steal Your Joy

Many people don’t realize they make decisions based on fear! Life is too short for fears to drive decisions.Learn how to overcome fear and live happier.

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Woman’s Biggest Enemy is Ruthless and Your Reason for Low Self-Esteem

Who is woman’s biggest enemy? Society says that woman are their own worst enemy because of their lack of confidence. However, the Bible doesn’t agree.

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How to Keep Faith and Stay Strong during Impossible Circumstances

Keep Faith

How to Keep Faith when Hope is Lost Keep faith at a time like this? Every day it seems events in the world are getting darker and darker. If there is one thing I wish God did promise was this…”When you follow me, you will not have any problems!” That isn’t a promise he could…

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Date Your Spouse: Dating Ideas to Support your Spouse’s Love Language

date your spouse

Is your marriage missing some fun and excitement? Learn how to grow your marriage by supporting your spouse’s love language with these 660+ creative ideas.

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