Hey there, how’s it going?  I am Cheryl. I am so excited you stopped by.

Are You Like Me?

You & I are probably a lot alike…ambitious, determined, hopeful, OCD (just enough to be annoying to ourselves & others), family is important to you but so is being successful in your career!  You have suffered a lot in life, but you are a fighter and a survivor.  Did I get it right?

I chose the descriptive words “ambitious” and “determined” first because of my family tree. I was raised by two perfectionist and was born into a legacy of school teachers along with my Dad being a high school basketball coach.  “You must play to win!” he would encourage. “Always do you best and give it your all!” he repeated.

Where I Went Wrong

I probably took all my Dad’s coaching to a level that did more harm than good. I pushed myself extremely hard in my career. I traveled a lot which sacrificed my social life, I had only a handful of good friends, and worked very long hours.  I  judged myself on how I performed and how well I would do at a job or activity.

  • Does my boss approve of my work?
  • Will I be a strong enough leader to get that promotion?
  • Do I make enough money so I don’t have to worry about my future?
  • Am I a good enough wife and mother?

Due to the amount of self-inflicted stress, I found difficulty experiencing joy unless life was going my way.  I became a Christian at the age of nine and became one of those believers that thought things should go smoothly just because I was a Christian. When they didn’t, I was not a stable person emotionally.

God Disciplines the Ones He Loves

I had dreams and would do everything I could to reach them. If I was falling short, I would work harder. I believe most of my success was in my hands until God showed me differently. I was 38 and at a crossroads; I lost my big paying job with a breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains. I had to rent out my town home and move more than 1,200 miles away from my friends of 10 years. It was the most humiliating time in my life. I wasn’t quite sure how to start over at the age of 39 in a small town with no one to lean on.

That is when God found me. He began to show me that I didn’t have to perform to be valuable or loved. He still teaches me this lesson daily.

Fresh Start

With God on my side, I have learned how to fight Satan’s mind games. I feel compelled to share what God is teaching me with other Christian women that don’t feel as powerful as they truly are. God is leading me to share my story in an upcoming book, start this blog and help other women get their business started. I created Profit Pinning, an online Pinterest marketing training program (now this site is retired) and the author of Pinterest for Profits and Presentations that Rock.

I love writing, dancing around like a fool, and singing ALL the time!  My biggest passion is my relationship with Christ and sharing all the things He has taught me through my suffering with other women so they can live their life to its fullest.

I would love to hear from you. Use my Contact page to tell me what you need help with or to ask me anything!

Believe in Limitless Possibilities,

Cheryl Wilkinson